Kristina Adam is a Yoga Teacher and Energy Healer in Manhattan, New York. She blends a variety of healing modalities including yoga, meditation, reiki, guided visualizations, chakra healing and integrative nutrition. She supports her clients with physical, emotional and soul healing and helps them create balance in mind and body.
SocietyX Virtual: Evening Moon Yoga With Kristina Adam
Paid Class : (60 MIN) A delicious way to end your day restored and peaceful with a gentle, feel-good class.
Every Thursday, 7:00 PM
SocietyX Virtual: Chakra Activation Yoga
Paid Class : 60 Min Activate your body’s energy centers to boost your wellbeing with a balanced, full-body class.
Every Thursday, 11:00 AM
SocietyX Virtual: Sun Morning Yoga
Free (30 min): Stretch and awaken to your full potential with a yummy, energizing full-body class.
Every Tuesday, 11:00 AM